Visit Bordeaux the French way !

As a couple, board our authentic open-roofed 2cv "Désirée" dressed in yellow and black and enjoy an unforgettable customized guided Tour through the most beautiful places in Bordeaux listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2007.

A unique experience on board the mythical French car from the fifties …

Come and admire the superb stone buildings from the 18th century and the outstanding quays along the river Garonne in our vintage convertible CITROEN 2cv... A pleasant ride from St Michel steeple as far as "la Cité du Vin".
Snake through the city center to discover fascinating monuments and historical gates from the Roman Ages to the present time, picturesque squares, wonderful views of the banks...
Bordeaux 2cv Tour offers a wide range of tours that can stand up to all your demands.
Martine, your private driver, in love with both car and town, offers you an unusual private ride… off the beaten tracks !

But what if you’re more than 3 ? or if you prefer discovering Bordeaux heritage on foot ?
Have a look at The Gourmet Tour ! It is made for you !